Project Description

Volgens Robert

Joram Lürsen

Tragicomic series about a family doctor’s midlife crisis. When his wife throws him out of the house, he – unsure but free, hurt but combative – battles his demons.

Tragicomic series about Robert, a general practitioner who still prefers to write his patient files by hand and is hopelessly out of step with the prevailing mores within his profession. When he starts behaving strangely, his wife, who has been his practice assistant for twenty-five years, throws him out of the house without mercy, stops her work rigorously and sends the latter to a psychotherapist. Once he is alone, he surrenders himself to a serious midlife crisis, with all the accompanying clichés.


producer and postproduction manager
Overlooking the production of the series commissioned by Dutch Broadcaster. Taking care of contracts and the hiring of crew and vendors. Taking care of the postproduction schedule and delivery.


TV Series – According to Robert
8 episodes of 30’